Stormfall Age of War Hack v2.25 (Cheat Tool)

stormfall age of war

Stormfall Age of War Hack v2.25 (Cheat Tool)

Stormfall Age of War hack tool 100% functioning today. Through this Stormfall Age of War cheat tool, you add to your account Gold, Iron, Food and Sapphires. Now you can build your dream, a mighty empire. Do not pay too Sapphires, just use this Hack tool and add them to your account. This Stormfall Age of War Cheat Tool is completely safe to use. The download link is below.

Game info:

Stormfall: Age of War (Stormfall for short) is a browser-based social networking facebook, created by Israeli Plarium studio that created before the game Pirates: Tides of Fortune. The game is set in a fantasy-based storyline where players can build their own empire from scratch. As with similar games MMORTS, and here we have step by step build buildings both miliarne, mines and trade, if we want to develop the economic aspect of our castle. The application offers us a wonderful graphics, fascinating story in the background, which was embellished with voice storyteller, it’s all combined into one gives us a really great opportunities. In Stormfall: Age of War you will find three types of materials: food, gold and iron. We need to get them to build the Lost Arts, as well as to train new military units.
A certain amount of gold and iron gaining every hour in amount depending on what fields devoted to the type of raw material. Everything also depends on the type of the castle , some have an advantage mine and other produce large quantities of gold. To maintain the balance of these raw materials in our castle can be exchanged through trade with other players. The amount of raw materials that have a limited capacity of our warehouses (Warehouse). Improving this type of building we gather more raw materials. Food gain from owned farms, building and improving them increase production. Food collected in our castle and buildings is limited capacity so. Barns. Food mainly useful to us while building our army, because each unit requires a certain amount of food per hour. If we run our unit it will begin to starve and can simply AWOL. Like any other material, we can win it on the market, but also our friends can send it to us as a gift. But my favorite method of obtaining food is to attack other castles.
Of course, do not run in Stormfall: Age of War places a premium on raw materials, which are Sapphires, give us a sense some advantage in the game, and thanks to them we can improve for some time, for example, the production of raw materials by 25%. Thanks to them also expedite the construction of structures in our castles, as well as the faster we can train our army. Free Sapphires can be obtained in different ways: performing a variety of tasks, acquire new levels, by signing up to play five days in a row, but if we can pull out the lead in the rankings also get a few pieces to our bank, you can also terminate operations called as “Feats of Valor”.
During the game fun Stormfall Age of War will get access to a wide range of military units such as infantry, cavalry, magic units and siege engines . We use them to defend our castle, to attack other players, or to support their allies. Anyway, the unit is divided into two types: offensive and defensive. If you click on the unit you will see the exact specificity, that is, its advantages and disadvantages, and hence against what units it is best to use. The red marked offensive unit, ideal for the attack, while in green we have identified individuals who prove themselves great in defense. This is very important because defensive unit will be less effective during raids on other castles, but very well prove themselves in the defense of our own kingdom. That’s not all you need to know about individuals, because they can be stubborn further divided into two categories as regular and imperial. Regular these are the individuals that will purchase the gold, iron and food, while the imperial can be purchased only for sapphires. I do not understand why such a separation as one and the other are not different statistics. Anyhow units have different characteristics such as cost, capacity for loot, speed, time training, defense , attack and consumption of food. They are here as special units called Wraiths, which do not require the training of food from us because of his worries do not need, but we can train them to only three pieces each day as long as we have the crypt, and the available, free spirits.
In Stormfall Age of War you can find several types of buildings, each of which is connected to a specific part of our castle. We divide them into the following categories: military, command, mines, improvements, fortifications, and the black market. To build a new type of building we odkryać appropriate Lost Arts and of course a certain amount of resources. Needless to present each building separately, so I will focus on the most interesting such as the Spring of Life that every new level will increase our food production by 5%. Similarly, you can increase the amount of gold acquired from building the next level of the building called Dungeons.
Our castle in Stormfall Age of War can be defended on many different types of methods, starting even with appropriately selected defensive units. But in the game you will find special designs, so that when added to our kingdom will be even more secure. These include walls, towers, gates, catapults and ballista. The better the more efficient defense fortifications, but for that we need to explore more advanced Lost Arts. Of course all of our defenses can be removed and replaced as long as they have obtained access to a better version.
Our castle in the browser game Stormfall Age of War can be extended as long as we put the right amount of friends, but only up to three times for free, any further expansion will cost us the right amount of sapphires.


- Gold Adder Hack
- Iron Adder Hack
- Food Adder Hack
- Sapphires Adder Hack

stormfall age of war hack

How to use:

1. Download Stormfall Age of War Hack v2.25
2. Login at the game
3. Launch Stormfall cheat tool
4. Click “CONNECT” and Write Your e-mail adress and password
5. Choose Value of goods
6. Click START
7. Done! Enjoy.




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File ID: Stormfall_Age_of_War_Hack_2.25.rar
Size: 1.52 MB
Langues: English
Version: 2.25
Format: *.rar
OS: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8

Didn’t Work? Please update your .Net Framework.


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