Dragon City Hack v3.53 (Dragon City Cheat Tool)

dragon city

Dragon City Hack v3.53 (Dragon City Cheat Tool)

It is an improved version of the Dragon City Hack that was tested in the current version of the game. As you can see in the screenshot below this Dragon City Hack you can generate an unlimited amount of Gold, Food and Gems. Most important advantage of the Dragon City Cheat tool is able to generate Gems, because we know it is hard to come by. You can get them by buying with real money, but why waste your money if you have the Gems for free. Just download this Dragon City Hack and follow the instructions to add any Gems to your account. For the generated Gems, you can quickly expand your island, buy dragons and other extras. If you already have a high level in the game then you know that there is a need to get hard to reach objects, to be able to develop further. You can in this situation, assistance from friends or buy the missing items by paying real money. Otherwise, progress has been much slower. So why waste your money, just download this Dragon City Cheat. Using this Dragon City Hack, you will not have any restrictions in the game, you can create a powerful dragon and beat your friends. Instructions to the Dragon City Cheat tool below, there is also a video demonstration of the Dragon City Hack.
Dragon City Hack v3.53 is completely safe to use.

Game Info:

Do you know how to train your own dragon? Or maybe you want to just learn a little bit about that? A good start would be playing in a social game Dragon City. This is a very interesting game, colorful, fun animations and does not irritate the eyes from the very beginning. In the game we have our own city that need to be extended later buy an egg and wait until our dragon to hatch. Then look after him. Each dragon costs a certain amount of gold, but also get purchase experience and what a time we each dragon generates a certain amount of cash, so the investment pays for itself. Additionally, if you would like to get more space in Dragon City is, unfortunately, have to pay dearly for it, we must first clean up the earth, and every element removal costs 500 gold coins. At some point in the game there is a need to get hard to reach objects, to be able to develop further. We in this situation, assistance from friends or buy the missing items by paying real money. Otherwise, progress is much slower. The game Dragon City has a fabulous graphic design. Many of the more than 150 available dragons have been portrayed in a caricatured manner.


- Gold Hack
- Food Hack
- Gems Hack

dragon city hack

How to use:

1. Download Cheat tool
2. Login with your Facebook account
3. Start the game
4. Open cheat tool
5. Enter the same Facebook email from which you are currently playing the game
6. Enter desired values of gold, food, gems.
7. Click Start
8. Wait until process is finished.
9. Enjoy!




| MIRROR 1 |        | MIRROR 2 |


File ID: Dragon_City_Hack_v3.53.rar
Size: 1.23 MB
Langues: English
Version: 3.53
Format: *.rar
OS: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8

Didn’t Work? Please update your .Net Framework.


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