Dofus Hack v3.1 (Kamas Generator)


Dofus Hack v3.1 (Kamas Generator)

This is a Dofus Hack v3.1 to generate Kamas, which are the currency of the game. As you know the game has recently been updated, and it was necessary to create a new version of the Dofus Hack (Kamas Generator) because the previous stopped working. Current version of the Dofus Hack Cheat Tool is equipped with the updater, which will make you do not need to re-download Dofus Hack, just click the “Check Update” button to automatically updated. Using this Dofus Hack, you can quickly add Kamas to your account. You do not have to spend a lot of time to get Kamas, just download this Dofus Cheat Tool and follow the instructions below and enrich their account with a large amount of Kamas. If you had a problem with the Dofus Hack v3.1, here is a video posted instructions. Generated Kamas can be converted into Ogrines and buy items for your character. Dofus Cheat Tool is safe, will continue to be updated. If you want to check if a new version of Dofus Hack Tool just click “Check Update”.

Game info:

Dofus is a turn-based MMORPG production is characterized by pretty, fabulous graphics. The choice we have eleven classes of free and three paid, which you can access by buying Premium. Title deviates from the typical gameplay that we encounter every day playing MMOs since, as mentioned above, the fight takes place in turns. The rules are similar to those for competitions in chess – the opponent has a limited time to make a decision. The game is initially free, but for maps to higher levels, unfortunately, you have to pay.
Interesting feature is the ability to marry. To this end, we go to church Amakny. Later, the two characters have an opportunity to immediately teleport to each other, if they are up to 20 maps from each other. What, however, would be a marriage without the possibility of divorce? For that you have to pay.
In the game we have to choose 12 races, each of which it is assigned to each profession. And so we have a race Iop who play the role of warriors, Cra-archers and the rest much crazy Tale – practically all look like they escaped from a madhouse render cartoon, but you can not deny them the charm. Of course we have a choice of both sexes. Then we are left with only naming our hero, selection kolorków and start our adventure. The game spawned a tutorial, and dozens of new locations, this is all so fantastically drawn that sometimes we are just at the place and admire the houses. The game world is divided into loakcje, all of which are shown on your screen (no scrollingu), and on earth we have special symbols which show where they pass on. When you decide to attack a creature (a bestiary in the game is otherworldly: tofu, white and black gay sheep, comic skeletons… then of course the monsters are a little more powerful, but it ‘s all kept in a fairytale atmosphere) will be transferred to the arena which is ideal a copy of the site, where you are – they will disappear only players who are not on our team. The whole fight takes place in turn-based mode – our character has action points (thanks to them we can keep the attack and use special skills – 20 per race), and points of movement, so there is no dilemma” attacks if I move away a little” which often appear when all the points are thrown into one pot. Despite the turn-based solutions to combat it is quite dynamic (mainly because of the time limit. But do not worry – there is enough time), the animation is very cool and a little of the egg, which only adds even more charm to everything. It is worth mentioning that during the fight it is also possible to get the bonus. On the left side of the screen we have the conditions that we must meet (not to get any wounds every turn to move only one square , only use one skill, etc.) to get the bonus experience or more gold. For geeks combining – as found.
Dofus is a game full of charm and devilishly addictive.


- Add unlimited Kamas
- Automatic Updates

Dofus Hack

How to use:

1. Download Dofus Hack v3.1
2. Start the game, but do not log in.
3. Open Dofus Cheat tool
4. Enter your account name, character name, server name and click Check Login
5. Type the amount of Kamas and click Start
6. Done! Enjoy!




| MIRROR 1 |         | MIRROR 2 |


File ID: Dofus_Hack_v3.1.exe
Size: 2 MB
Langues: English
Version: 3.1
Format: *.exe
OS: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8

Didn’t Work? Please update your .Net Framework.


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